Another missed lunch for the 3rd world

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Here is the new OLPC model. It only cost 2 years salary in the 3rd world. How about hiring a teacher for a year instead.

Link to The article


Low Battery on eee pc under XP Pro?

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If you are seeing a battery level that is lower than you would expect try a reboot. I was at 30% for 2 hours Friday. It just got stuck I guess.

Today I woke my laptop up and had only 20% after a charge last night. A reboot brought the gas tank to show 90% which makes more sense.

XP has always liked a reboot ever so often, especially on laptops and desktops that hibernate or sleep.

The jury is still out on the Atheros wireless client. I found myself jumping back and forth from it to the Windows Zero utility. Atheros seems to get confused with my Wireless N router.

Eee PC Guide is wrong. Myths, Lies and Errors about XP

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In the Official Eee PC user Guide #E3509, Chapter 5 page 5-2

Titled “Preparing to Install Windows XP”

Everything SYSTEM REQUIREMENT written By ASUS in this first half of the page is not necessary quite simply.. Wrong

“Before installing Windows XP operating system to your Eee PC, you                                                           need the following items.”

1. “A USB 2.0 DVD-ROM”

You do not need a DVD-Rom, A CD-Rom will work fine.

You do not need USB 2.0, My clunky 4 year old 1.1 USB bus powered CD-Rom works just dandy

2. “The official Windows XP Service pack 2 Disk from Microsoft”

For legal reasons they must have included this. When installing from a CD source SP2 was not required. I certainly recommend using SP2 for security. Updating from earlier versions online can create space and other problems.  Of course there are plenty of un-official  and older discs as well that work.

3 “A USB flash disk (size larger than 1GB) or an external disk drive.”

A 128MB USB Flash disk will work. Download the drivers from ASUS and load them onto your USB and install from it.                                                                                                                                                                                                    The drivers can be unzipped and there are installers inside that are as easy to install as a quick double click. If you simply install the Wireless driver you can go to Asus and download the rest. I guess a 32MB USB flash would work.                                                                                                                                                                                                          The also page reads “Use a USB Flash Disk   “Larger than 1GB” and on the same page says they recommend ausing one “Smaller than 2GB”. I have never seen a 1.5GB flash disk???    You just plain won’t be needing n External Hard Drive.

4 “ASUS Eee PC support DVD”

This seems to be suggested for drivers. We have covered this driver issue already. If you have no way to download the Wireless driver from Asus, I would suggest doing on the computer you are reading this on now.

Fresh Drive

-In Conclusion-

You do not need a USB 2.0 DVD-Rom

You do not need a flash disk between 1GB and 2GB

You do not need to have an official Microsoft SP2 disk.

You do not need The Asus support DVD

Go spend your money on a 4GB or better SDHC Card, a 2GB Stick of DDR2 PC2-5300 Ram (200 pin Laptop Size)

If you are a good shopper you should be able to buy these things at Fry’s or from the pukes at NewEgg com for well under $100 bill.

Final Eee PC space free after install

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C: Solid State 4GB Capacity           2.69GB Available           “Programs and OS”

 Solid State

D:SDHC          4GB Capacity           3.73GB  Available          “My Documents Folders and Temp files”


XP Pro SP2,     I/e 7.0,               Picassa             EEye Security

Microsoft Word 2003



FireFox/Frameworks/Home Network

And I will have to get this clock speed up

Note about the previous Eee PC XP post

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I have been asked to clarify… My install disk is under 200MB’s. My install is still larger than many that are out there.

Things That I kept in my install disk:

USB Printing.

The ability to network.

Ability to plug in and unload photos directly from a camera rather than a card reader.

I did NOT remove the ability to run updates ever. It is still on the Eee PC. Just not run or running. If this works out it may get cut in the next install. I will roll in .net framework though. My goals here are not specific. This is just learning and entertainment at night and a really handy little laptop during the day.



I should mention here too. DO NOT integrate the Asus drivers onto your install disk. Something will go wrong. It has been the cause of several problems that looked like defective hardware. Networking,  wired and wireless, are the most common complaints I have heard. Not just failures. Sometimes just poor or inconsistent performance.

Eee PC XP Install Ver. 2.0 A change in direction.

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( I Really would like any comments or criticisms  you have. This is totally training wheels for me running XP this small and on a solid state drive. I know that Microsoft word is silly to install but I still use it so often)

The 4GB SSD wall comes fast. Compromises have to be made but not at the risk of a secure operating system. Just losing 1 good password is enough to set off a nasty chain of events.

I have totally removed  virtual memory (swap file or page file). Everyone should do this with a solid state drive if they plan on leaving their Eee PC on for more than 10 minutes per day. SSDs will wear fast as swap files are churning non stop when windows is active. You will get around 100,000 writes in a lifetime. Get a 2GB stick of ram. $20-$100 depending on where and rebates. $19.99 after rebate at Fry’s


What to cut back….   A year or two ago I played with an all-in-one security program called “Blink personal”from . It is a very small footprint security solution. It is quite strict on some levels. You would not want to run it on a machine using torrent programs, cracking programs or anything that accesses Windows Kernel or modifies.

The feedback it provides about your systems security is a bit overwhelming.  Maybe bordering on paranoia.   Close your ports! Run your Windows updates! Remove your guest account! Blah blah blah!  Some security tests show it will protect XP with no service pack or patches at all. Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte did an interview with one of the founders “Marc Maiffret” on Security Now episode #91     5/10/2007

I am going to ignore most all of the advice given. The Ex hacker genius founder of this company has notified Microsoft about holes and exploits again and again. This software closed most holes in XP before Microsoft ever acknowledged  or patched them.

The Blink Personal Edition Software is an integrated firewall, virus, Phishing and malware solution.

I am installing this tonight and removing all of the existing security applications and overhead. My system will be running as follows:

Trimmed down XP Pro (c) SP2 (rtm)   -Highly Trimmed Down with nlite- UNPATCHED

Device Drivers from the ASUS website only,                                                                                            I/E 7.0 plus the current malicious software removal tool it ships with.                                       Microsoft word 2003.  

I KNOW!!               When was the last time you made $1.00 supporting open office!!            Gmail Notifier because i use it.

Blink Personal Version 3.5.7

Adobe Flash, Air and shockwave. VLC Media Player and KLite Codecs If they won’t play it then… don’t play it.       I can watch a movie off my USB or SD Card storage.  (Not likely, I have an iPod touch)

I am going to try to put everything on the 4GB built in drive and leave the SD card alone for this trial.


I am NOT installing..

FireFox, iTunes, Quicktime, Safari, WinRar, any antivirus or adware programs.

I am not running a swap file (virtual Memory) as I have a 2GB Stick of Crucial Ram installed.

I am far from saying this is a smart setup. Far from it. It is an easy configuration that I have not seen anywear yet. I will use basic common sense while surfing and doing “normal” day to day things.

I will build another version of XP this week based upon problems and shortcomings with this version. If the system stays clean I am going to “gut” some more away from a my XP original install disk and see how small it gets without compromise.   Knowing how I am, I may reload this tomorrow or in a month. I promise to keep you posted in any event.

Ideas for the next version…    Linux and cloud computing are obvious, so no.

Right now this is fun.

How to fix or upgrade anything?

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Examine the broken or unimproved item carefully. When you find a label or panel that says either”no user serviceable parts inside” or “warranty void if seal is removed” you are getting warmer.

If there is any kind of funny screw, picture of lightning, 11 sided nut or some kind of dare from the FCC on it then you should be sure to know that you are exactly where you want to be. 

 Eee PC screw

At some point  you should remove the power from the item or device. Don’t forget that a battery is a source of power too.  If you have already seen a spark or smelled ozone stop.                         Always say the box was open when you purchased it.