Big Trouble on The Small Screen . Problems with XP ASUS EEE PC HACK

There are a couple of MODs rolling around for changing the resolutions on the EEE PC  701

The first ones involve using an Intel Embedded Graphics DriverNO  LINK PROVIDED BY ME

That really looked like a winner for about 30 seconds. What happens shortly after installing this driver from Intel (and renamed and labeled as a “hacked” driver elsewhere) is your desktop fonts just start disappearing. When you move the cursor over them they appear and disappear. You may even have two cursors at times. One normal and a nice big extra. The answer is not changing fonts, sizes or turning off clear type!

It is kind of like wiping fog off of a mirror in the shower or bailing water out of a bottomless boat.

The Grand Solution that in high style now is called “AsTray Plus ver 1.3 Beta 3No link provided by me either.

Can You Read This Dialog Box??

Rough on the eyes

This Is How It Will Turn Out!!!

Someone is doing some interesting work and I appreciate that. Thanks WangYue!

Unfortunately this Beta (or Alpha) is being promoted and redistributed on most of the “mainstream” blogs and boards. Many endorsements are given, pondered and quickly retracted by the cutting edge gaming community. “Why do I have two cursors?”


My advice is “Don’t use this”. It is not ready. It may not really ever be ready. It is a 7″ screen with an integrated graphics card. It is not going to look nicer if you trick it into running in an unintended, non native resolution. If you are looking for an useful improvement Hold out for a solid solution or better yet wait for a higher resolution or larger screened model to arrive. I would expect to see both of these things by August at a similar price to what we paid for our current Eee Pcs in the past 90 days. There will certainly be a market for our used machines if we can’t adjust to them or another answer does not pop up.

I will continue to screw up my machine and reload it weekly. I encourage others using these as a third or 4th computers to do the same.                                                                                                                                If you are looking at brain scans or designing rocket fuel, please do it at 800×480 or 800×600 scrolling for a little longer.

800x600 Scrolling

This one is not ready for prime time yet.


~ by thepeoplegeek on Sunday, April 6, 2008.

One Response to “Big Trouble on The Small Screen . Problems with XP ASUS EEE PC HACK”

  1. You would figure people would understand that forcing solutions like these onto a notebook like the Eee for resolutions is more of a novelty and less of a functional solution. Interesting question though. How would this look if you cranked it to a non-native resolution and played a movie? Good? Bad? Atrocious? Palpable? I am curios because who wouldn’t want an HD Res Eee PC. Like the blog design.


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