Tame the Taskbar XP

The EEE PC and a quickly growing number of new tiny XP capable subnotebooks share a common problem. Tiny screens. You have to take advantage of every cm (inch) of space.  Here are some steps. A how to will follow.

  1. Set the resolution to the highest resolution it supports. Now back it down until you can read it. I have tried some unofficial drivers and had some success followed quickly by problems.
  2. In FireFox or Explorer (firefox works best on the eee pc for me) make sure to avoid the toolbars. Google, yahoo stumbleupon are great for people with giant 12″ screens. You have no room for them.
  3. In Firefox select view from the selection bar. While you are in there shutting off toolbars take this step. View>Toolbars>Customize   At the bottom”check” the box “use small icons.

Here is something I have tryed and liked.  Most faq’s out there suggest “right clicking the taskbar and selecting “auto hide the taskbar.  The problem I have had with that is everytime my mouse gets close to the edge, The taskbar pops up and remains for a second or so. Usually when I am trying to scroll down or read something at the bottom of the page.  I have been messing with my registry and looking for hidden settings to no avail. Most programs that will help with timing this are bloated customize programs that waste hard drive space or cost $20.00-  I found my answer in a program that was written by Reclusive French genius back in the last century. It simply adds a delay to the taskbar popping back out and into you way. TASKBAR ACTIVATE 2.4   The Program is free. I have attempted to contact the author but have yet to hear back. It was written for Windows 98 but seems to run flawlessly with everything newer. I have not tested this with Vista or Windows ME and probably never will.

Please click this link to visit the authors site.

Download Taskbar Activate   Taskbar Activate  
Version  :  2.4
OS  :  Windows 9x/NT4/2000/XP
Files  : 
Download Taskbar Activate (english version  
Download Active Tâche (french version)  
Please Visit authors site
Download Taskbar Activate (english version   )
Download Active Tâche (french version)  
Awards  : 
4 stars
five ducks / six
3 points / 4 possibles
4/5 Dudes


Keeps that XP taskbar out of the way!!

The authors site does not make you fill out forms, register, beg or anything. There is a request that you send an email if you like the program. His addy is: pmdevigne@nordic.fr


~ by thepeoplegeek on Friday, April 4, 2008.

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