XP on EEE PC // New Installation #3

I have nLited another XP SP2 disk

This time I have cut into everything internet explorer related deeply. I am going to leave Windows Update out. I have incorporated most all Critical updates and many non critical. I am going to use some online update services and manually do installs of critical updates on the second Tuesday of every month.

I am including my drivers on the ISO I have burned along with basic programs.  I am NOT integrating the drivers.

Most of the ASUS drivers do not do well unless installed after windows. Wireless and wired networking can be spotty or just not work at all.

I will be installing Firefox 3 beta4 after the install.

The reason I added drivers and programs to my install image was purely for convenience.  I hope to install from this CD (not DVD) and do all of my basic FREE programs from the same disk. I want to be able to do all of this without changing a disk, using a USB key or having access to any network. My extras that are sitting in a directory for post install are: Adobe reader, Windows Defender, CCleaner, K-LiteCodecs, Avaste AV, TweakUI, ASUS drivers, a stack of wallpapers, A Royal Noir theme pack, Opps, I forgot WinRar.


I tryed out a nice simple program called “taskbar activate 2.4”. It was perfect for the EEE PC. It does a good job of auto hiding the taskbar and keeping it from popping up everytime I move the pointer to the edge of the screen. It resets the timing to about ? 1/5 of a second.

I also tried some of the drivers to allow a 800 width desktop to run native. It worked great and looked great…Until the laptop went to sleep. it wakes up with worthless blurry fonts. Changing 50 different settings did not help. Rebooting was the only cure. Turning off all power saving options was not an option.


~ by thepeoplegeek on Thursday, April 3, 2008.

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