EEEPC XP – Get rid of Virtual Memory now!!

Boot up

That was the fastest XP install I have ever done. The trimmed down install was very small  It booted right up into 640×480 32bit color. The left and right mouse buttons were reversed. Figuring that out took longer than changing it did.  TIME TO MAKE ROOM- Kill that virtual memory

Page balloon

PAGEFILE.SYS  may remain even after you have set your virtual memory to ZERO or off.

You really do not need to defrag a solid state hard drive but if you run defrag you will get a pretty good idea if your drive still has PAGEFILE.SYS parked on it.

The Green showing in the defrag bar graph represents system files. The Green on the right side (half of the 4GB drive) is page.sys or virtual memory or the page file.


When you are turning off virtual memory make sure to hit the button that says “SET”. It is on the same screen as the  virtual memory settings.   Start> Right Click on “My Computer”>Properties>Advanced>Performance Settings>Advanced> “no paging file” and then “SET”.

Close all dialog boxes and reboot the EEE PC

At this point your -C: Drive-  will look very spacious (mine does) I am moving my temp files and starting my other installs next.



~ by thepeoplegeek on Thursday, April 3, 2008.

3 Responses to “EEEPC XP – Get rid of Virtual Memory now!!”

  1. Great post. The plot thickens 🙂
    Two questions – 1 – since SD RAM is so inexpensive and seemingly easier to replace, can you also test you nLite image on a class 6 Transcend 8GB card? There are posts all over about running Ubuntu off of it instead of Xandros. So I wonder if the performance difference is greater?
    Also, have you upgraded the memory on this eeePC or are you running native memory config (512??)

  2. Oh, and most important to me on this topic – do you know of any write-ups for off-loading the swap partition within a Linux distro to an SD card or just using part of the RAM itself?

  3. I originally moved my swap off to 4GB SDHC class 6 card. When I upgraded to 2GB of ram I dumped my swap file. The increase in loading/booting everything was marked.

    My SDHC card is currently home to a few temp/tmp files. I will be looking at dual booting in a week or two. I have yet to choose a second OS but I have experience with Ubuntu and like the support and fast maturity of their releases.

    XP gets most of the 4GB SSHD because XP is such a greed OS.

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