Wireless issues on the Eee PC under XP


While looking at the forums here and there I see that many Eee PC users have had issues with WiFi as I did.Some of the. Most of the help offered was just worthless.


  1. Don’t use WEP
  2. Use WEP
  3. Change passwords
  4. Remove and reinstall the battery
  5. Your Router is bad
  6. power lines
  7. Sun Spots
  8. WPA
  9. Window is not good like Linux

Don’t pull your hair out or hate yourself.

I have installed XP on a 1000+  systems. Not a stack of new ones all the same.  Intel, AMD, virtual, pocket pc, etc etc.   I had connection problems with this machine. I am far from saying it is a bad machine or defective hardware yet. This is new ground.  I am sitting in an area of high density housing. I can see 4 houses that I set up with different wireless routers and 2 houses that are running open. Don’t spend more than an hour messing around with rebooting your router if you can’t see any access points.  Pick up your machine and go to a wifi cafe with people using the internet on laptops. If you can’t get a signal you can move on to the next step.

I will let you know how to proceed in about an hour.   Cocky Huh?   Too much caffeine!


~ by thepeoplegeek on Sunday, March 23, 2008.

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