The XP install looks okay

I used 2GB for the OS with the SP3 rollup. I have yet to install drivers.  I will be migrating parts of the OS, anything new, temps and others to the SD card. It holds 4GB too.  I am still waiting for my 2GB ram stick in the mail. 512MBs I have now means I will have to allow a small swap/virtual memory file. I am going to try to place that on the SD card for now.

I will install a USB Wireless adapter and let Microsoft take a crack at finding drivers. I am sure they will be wrong or outdated but I have not seen anyone post results about this yet.

If everything goes okay and she runs the next thing will be to un-underclock the CPU back up to 900MHz.

It looks like many have done this with no bad results.


~ by thepeoplegeek on Sunday, March 23, 2008.

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