Eee PC


I am starting an install of XP Pro SP3 lightly trimmed down using nLite.

I installed a ready built XP that had been badly carved up. The PB was the source. Lots of eastern European language support was included. I did not see that as a positive thing.

Networking was damaged and the Firewall and updates were gone.  I like XP but not enough to run without pushed updates and a crappy OEM firewall.

It does not take much time to format a solid state drive.


In my original install I installed all of the latest drivers but could not get a wireless or wired connection. XP showed them both working but could not find a wireless network and the ethernet cable was always unplugged. With the exception of complete isolation from the rest of the planet the install went without a hitch.


~ by thepeoplegeek on Saturday, March 22, 2008.

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